Decantus Classic 5 pc

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Decantus enhances wine’s flavor and bouquet in seconds. Decantus Elite is also very popular among wine lovers and a gift for any occasion. This five-part set includes the aerator with base, the sediment filter, the cleaning brush and the storage pouch...and includes a personal logo touch from DLV. 

The Bernoulli effect (first derived in 1738 by Swiss mathematician Daniel Bernoulli) states, the pressure in a stream of fluid is reduced as the speed of flow is increased. The reduced pressure caused by the velocity of the poured wine flowing past the twin, thin diagonal capillary tubes inside the Decantus pulls more oxygenated air into the wine itself. This does not upset the wine but makes it much friendlier to the entire human olfactory (smell/taste) system. Amazon Price $99.00 Ours $79.95.