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August 8, 2018 | News | Lauren Selfridge

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New Special Release: Au Naturel Gewurztraminer

Are you searching for a refreshing, aromatic addition to your summer wine selections? On June 12, Dirty Laundry Vineyard bottled the first vintage of our Au Naturel Gewurztraminer. This naturally produced, small-batch orange wine was first offered to our Bordello Wine Club members and VIPs. Keep reading to discover more about this unique, flavourful varietal.


What is a Gewurztraminer Wine?


Gewurztraminer is a white wine that originates in Germany. The gewürztraminer grape boasts a full-bodied flavour with aromas & flavors of rose petal, lychee & sweet spices.  The grapes typically are pink or bronze in color, giving the wine its notable pinkish-orange colour. Gewurztraminer grapes thrive in colder climates, which allows for increased acidity while maintaining the signature aromatics.

A common misconception is that Gewurztraminer is always a sweet wine – however -they are often created using dry or off-dry styles. Most varietals have a touch of sweetness and are almost always fruit-forward. The wine also offers a fruit-focused aroma – many people believe it smells identical to lychee fruit. Gewurztraminers are often paired with spicy dishes like curries and stir-fries, but try with some hot wings for a really fun pairing.


A Commitment to Quality Wines


Gewurztraminers are sometimes considered Noble Grapes, which are recognized as producing high-quality wines. Our winemaker produced the Au Naturel Gewurztraminer using a whole cluster fermentation process using yeasts indigenous to our vineyard. The yeasts originated on the grape skins – no additives were used to create the wine.

At Dirty Laundry Vineyard, our wines are recognized by the British Columbia Vintners Quality Alliance. Established in 1990, the BC VQA certifies wines that meet high standards in respect to their origin, varietals, and vintage. Au Naturel was entered in the Skin Fermented Whites and Orange Wines category at this year’s NATIONAL Wine Awards of Canada, where it took home a GOLD medal in its very first competition! 

Experience the complex, fruit-forward taste of our Au Naturel Gewurztraminer this summer. With only 200 cases produced, the first batch is sure to sell quickly, so contact us today if you’d like to reserve bottles at


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